ICE Accolades

Robb’s Report India
International Cigar Experts was announced as the international shipper of Paul Stulac Cigars for high profile cigar smokers in the Robb Report India February editon. Yes, ICE was chosen to provide expert international shipping services for the elite class of India. The publication targets readers who are seen to be India’s most affluent and sophisticated, with a focus on luxury goods and services offered both internationally and in India. Robb Report India, a monthly magazine, is available on an invitation-only basis to a list of 35,000 readers. Today India has about 55 billionaires and 1,27,000 dollar millionaires.

*ICE ships to more countries than any other cigar company in the entire world.

*ICE is the only US based cigar company in the world that specializes in international shipping.

*ICE has a 100% success rate of international shipment success 2 years in a row and current.

*ICE is the only cigar company to provide auto-tracking updates for each order shipped via Fedex delivery services.

*ICE is the only US based cigar company that is formatted for international address information submitted via a cigar website.

*ICE is the only US based cigar company to accept International Credit Card payments and provides more alternate international payment solutions than any other cigar company.

*ICE is the only cigar company in the entire world that offers free shipping within the US indefinitely and 75% off all international shipments.