Christopher you are the man! My cigars arrived fresh and thanks to you
I knew they were at customs before they called me.

Now that is what I call good customer service!

Norway: Stephan ,

I was amazed how Sebastian monitored my order and contacted me before
customs did to tell me that my order had arrived in my country.
Now that is what I call good customer service!

France: Steven,

Finally a cigar company that has a format for international orders on
their website! Christopher was amazing and very knowledgable about shipping
to Russia. I appreciate you going the extra mile and I received my
order and the cigars were fresh just as you guaranteed!

Russia: Kulikowski,

We we very cautious in choosing an American supplier, your customer service is top notch! We had all of our questions answered within 24 hours it is nice to know that each person is a priority with your company.

China: Luang T.,