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We take pride in shipping international orders and we consider it a privilege to work for you. If you are a individual customer, simply place an order via our company store or with the tobacco retailer of your choice then use our business address as the shipping address. We will receive your order and ship it to your international destination with a 75% discount on shipping. We know there is a lot involved with shipping internationally. With many years of experience our experts provide top notch delivery experiences. If you are a manufacturer or retailer and would like to use our services, simply contact our customer service department. Some of our staff members have major accomplishments such as having a ranking of number one sales in the country.

Other staff members have taken the cigar industry and international shipping of cigars by storm. We have alliances with the most trusted names in the shipping world. Our company shines as a beacon and now we want to shine our light in your country. No matter where you are in the world we are not satisfied until you can just relax and have a good smoke!

Why Choose International Cigar Experts

Because the nucleus of our company is International shipping 24 hours 7 days a week, we offer unbelievable low prices on shipping cost. Other companies can't beat our prices because they are not internationally exclusive. We are experts in our field and we take the worry and confusion out of international shipping. Our job is to give you low prices.

While some companies simply use one carrier. We give you a greater option by using Fedex and USPS. In some cases we have shipped from the US to the doorstep of an International address in just 4 days!

You never have to worry about tracking or when you order will arrive! We will email you every time your package is scanned and proceeds in travel. Service is fast, fresh and outstanding! Why? Because you deserve it.


hello, good afternoon, I write to inform you that I received the order request 3350, arrived within the estimated time and in perfect condition, sealed soon return purchases for more cigar boxes and already indicated some customers who will do register and become customers thanks for the attention and good holiday season.


Dear Christopher,

I have received the Gurkha Special Ops perfectly, without any problem with the customs. Many thanks for your great delivery, and the great product! I will be ordering some more cigars soon.

Kind regards,

Vasily S

Hello, thank you for your email. I have received the black and mild cigars. Thank you for the excellent and fast service.

C Reyes - Philippines

Thankyou for your prompt delivery and discreet packaging, my order arrived yesterday, im really pleased with my goods and will definitely be doing business with you again.

Once again Thanks

S Jones - United Kingdom

Hi received my order today O/N 2730.

Just thought i would let you know and also to say a big THANKS i appreciate every thing you have done for me.

Kind Regards

G Styles - UK

Many thanks for received order,you very good provider.My best recommend.

C Pavel - Israel

I received my order yesterday and everything was fine. I am very satisfied.Your customer service is great as well as the delivery time and service. Thank you

D Kolyriotis - Greece


Thank you very much, i know I had some difficulty with the humidor, but your customer service is brilliant.

Passed on your website details to a group of senior american army officals based here in Korea. Hopefully they will place a few orders 😉

M Durden

I must say that your packaging was perfect. The cigars arrived nice and moist. Thanks again.

Sager B.

Hi! I got my order today and just wanted to thank you for your great service! The package didn't run into any problems with customs here in Africa a I have already recommended your company to my friends.

Thanks again

C Wilson - Africa

Thank you for being patient with the manufacturer of these cigars! The cigars arrived today, in perfect condition! I will certainly order from you again, and I will with outmost sincerity recommend your site to fellow cigar lovers this side of the Atlantic!

Again, Thank you!

M Liljebäck - Sweden

You guys are the only place I get cigars from due too your service and by no means am I trying too have a dig. I have recommended you guys too everyone I know. Keep it up.

J Klaer - Australia

I have just received my first box of the above. This cigar is an absolute knock-out. Definitely amongst the very top. Thanks for your effort in getting this jewell on your menu.

A Janin - New England

Thank you for the cigars! The ones that weren't available that you replaced are fantastic, I am really happy with them.

Thanks again Christopher for your excellent service as always.

Kindest regards ‎

N Russell Director - Australia

Hi there just like to say thank you For everything and that I can always rely On you.

Take care until next time.

Darren C. - United Kingdom

Hi Christopher

Just to say thanks yet again for my shipment to the uk. My second order from you and its always perfect and the day before my birthday ..thanks for the gift also thats really kind. I am placing my 3rd order in a weeks time. Your no1 buddy kindest regards

D.cooper - uk

hello Christopher its C Campisi here . i just want to say I love the service and communication I get from you and its that reason why I love to keep shopping with you and tell you of my experience with the 1st box of padron 1964 maduro exclusivo that I got from you and want to say damn they smoke incredible and they are a taste out of this world . I would describe the flavor as to opening a jar of coffee and comparing the smell of that to the taste i get with them cigars and i will be buying i think another box or 2 of them soon .

Many thanks,

C Campisi - Australia

Hi Christopher

I have the Cigars and very happy with them, all the organizing between you, me and my friend it all fell into place.

What's more the General Manager (yes the general Manager) was on the ball he emailed me when they arrived and also he had advised all his other Managers in the Hotel's group if they received the Cigars they were to notify him if they turned up at another hotel in the group, BLOODY FANTASTIC.

Also your gift was very much appreciated I will have that one at a BBQ on Saturday night now that is a Cigar.

Once again thanks for the Cigars and you never know if I can wangle we will do it again.


Ray - New Zealand

Hi dear Christopher today deliver to custom my humidor.Very nice beatiful product. Your company is the best company online, your customer service is second to none. Thanks a lot of your friendly interest. Best Regards

A Bahadır - Turkey

Evening mate,

As an International Distributor in Australia I just had to send you a quick note. Keep up the great work, my orders arrive fresh and the packaging is not only best but the most outstanding I have EVER seen. So many people do not take the time to write about positive experiences so I wanted to send you a quick shout!


Love your work.

Australian Distributor

Hi Christopher, many thanks for the recent delivery and sample. I received my order today with no delay. I will continue to order from you and consider the service second to none.


Received first order--great service. there will be many more and I will recommend ICE to every one I know. THANKS AGAIN

J Franco - India

I have received the package on day 25. A jet fast delivery.
I will definitely be ordering for more .
Thanks for the great service.

Best regards

Tom - New Zealand

Hi Christopher,

All arrived well in Montreal, Canada. As this was my first order, I was thrilled about the indeed very smooth process, and the addition of a few Anniversary Ghurka Cigars as present. highly appreciated, I will definitely order more very soon !

Denis - Canada

You are the best on the net. Major props for the free cigars!

Many thanks!

D Robb - Malaysia

Dear Christopher,

I received the box in Uganda without any problems.

Thanks for everything, you just got a new client...


L Claude - Uganda

Hey Chris, I just wanted to let you know I received my order today and I am extremely happy. I will definitely be giving your cards out to my friends and bragging about "my cigar connection" ; )

Much love,

C Lemiex - Canada

Hi dear ICE and great sales man Christopher ,To day arrived last order very good condition & fresh cigars. Primarily thanks for your fast international shipping.Many many thanks for your interest.ICE is bliss , ICE friendly , ICE is a professional Company would definitely recommend you to all my friends in my country . Thank you for everything,

B OZKAN - Turkey

I just received my order in good condition and just wanted to thank you for such quick shipping. It was my first order from you and looks like you really are international cigar shipping experts.


Hi just to say thanks and sorry for all the panic I had as I had never ordered before an d was very unsure.items here with no issues im more than happy and will be using you always from now and will be placing another order soon.thanks a million have a great day.

D Cooper - United Kingdom

Just wanted to say thank you for a really fast delivery. I got kinda surprised when the packet arrived. Really good service and I am looking forward to do more business with you. 🙂

M. Alfredsson - Sweden

Dear Christopher;

I just smoked the first cigar of the order i made through you, i am more than satisfied with the time of delivery and your follow up with the order, also i want to thank you for the sample you've sent me, it's a great cigar and i will be enjoying it soon.

I hope that you will consider me as a new regular customer to your establishment; as for sure i consider my self one.

Thank you again and best regards

M Al'darabie

Christopher my cigars arrived.Thank you for everything. I tried davidoff last night. It was great.


C Hamidi - Saudia Arabia

Thank you so very much for your excellent service - awesome! My order arrived in beautiful condition and you threw in a complimentary cigar as well! I am so pleased to have discovered International Cigars.

You will be receiving future orders from me.

Best regards, James

I just received my first order from you guys today and i will honestly say this....the entire time i am in Norway, i will only buy my cigars from you. Even with the shipping it is tremendously cheaper and you have a HUMUNGOUS selection, so thank you for your quality service, i will recommend you to any friends i have that smoke cigars.

E. Sefcik - Norway

Hi Christopher,Thank you very much for your interest.Today's deliver my last cigar order. International Cigar Experts My best supplier high quality friendly and very attentive.I would recommend you to anyone. My number one company ICE. Best Regards.

A. OZKAN - Indonesia

Thanks, always good doing business with you.

S. King - Madagascar

Dear Mr. Christopher, I picked up my order Dec. 30th. and I would like to let you know that I am very happy with your service . I am very satisfied with your product and am pleased with the substitutions I understand you had to make.

I'm glad you put in some extra Gurkha,s They are excellent. I'm delighted with the Paul Stulac sample pack ,there are 3 I haven't tried before. What pleasant surprise the Avanti pouch is. I don't think I would have purchased these normally ,but will definitely include some off these in my next order.

So once again I would like to Thank you for your expert choices and service.
BONZA (an Aussie term for perfect)

J Herlihy.

Hi, as agreed I have placed an order reference 1081 for the humidor. Thank you so much for understanding my requirement and going through the trouble to make a special arrangement for me. You have not dissappointed me for placing you as my top non-cuban cigars provider! May you enjoy good business in the many years ahead!

K Daniel - United Kingdom

Thanks for your interest 🙂 Number one for me ICE best cigar company this is my second order:))

A Ozkan - Brazil

Received my 20 for 50 sampler pack just before Christmas and love it. Very extensive selection and happy with the service and the quick shipping time. Thank you!

S Neela - Australia

Christopher, Thank you so much for my recent delivery of 12/09/2013. The personal touch is appreciated.

Vic - United Kingdom

I have just received my order and would like to thank and commend you on the excellent service. Thank you.

K Khalid - Barain

Thank you very much Christopher for the fast and flawless service again!

P Garajski - United Kingdom

My order has arrived today. Thank you so much for your excellent service and the surprise gift. I will look forward to trying Paul's cigars in the next few days.

Regards C Hadad - United Kingdom

Thanks for the sample avantis much appreciated, as is your great service.

M Growney - Australia

My order has arrived today. Thank you so much for your excellent service and the surprise gift. I will look forward to trying Paul's cigars in the next few days.

Thank you very much Christopher for the fast and flawless service again!

Kind regards - Petr

Hello, I have finally received my cigars. I know that I offended your company and you wont do business with me anymore. But I just wanted to say thanks , Im very pleased with cigar quality and condition.

Edgars Lebedevs - Latvia Cigar Inspection Review

I also saw the pack of gifts you've included. Thank you so much for the wonderful purchase experience, will definitely buy again from you guys!

K. Daniel - China

Good morning Christopher,

Once again, thank you for the latest package, excellent execution as always.

M Painchaud - Canada

I love the quick delivery and everything is in perfect condition and packed well. Definitely a repeating customer.

M McNeely - Singapore

Hi Chris, Just wanted to let you know that my package arrive today – I love the quick delivery!

Melvin Y - Australia

Dear ICE , my order arrived this morning Im incredibly happy. Thank you for your quick and attentive sending.

Thanks Again.

A. B. Ozkan

Dear ICE,

Christopher, can you please send them Fed Ex again. Thank you as always and I hope you are well. Fantastic cigar and as always excellent service.

Kind Regards,

M Burling - Australia

Hi Christopher,

I enjoy working with ICE, quick response, fast service!

Thank you.

J Worlein - Gulfport FL


Good morning, I received the parcel yesterday afternoon. Everything's perfect.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Luca - Italy

Hi Christopher,

Just want to how impressed I was at your shipping speed. I received my cigars today and they were perfect! I will definitely continue to shop from ICE from now on!

PS Your professionalism exceeds my expectations. I am definitely spreading the word in my area.


J Chan - Korea

Hey thanks Mr.Bledsoe. Thanks for your excellent service. Always a pleasure to order from you!

D Bernard - Canada

Chris, can you please send them Fed Ex again Thank you as always and I hope you are well. Fantastic cigar and as always excellent service. Kind Regards,

M Burling - International Client

I look forward to doing business with you again Chris.


I am so happy that I found International cigar experts as they truly are experts in their field, they have a fantastic selection of high quality cigars and the one thing that stood out for me was the quality of service through the constant customer interaction from order through to delivery they stand out as one of the best online cigar retailers I have ever used

J Byrne - Dublin Ireland

We received the Man O' War Armada cigars and are very pleased. Thank-you for the support and service. We are absolutely thrilled to get them and will truly enjoy them. I was quite surprised to find 40 sticks when we only ordered 37. Thank-you very much.

L Goyette - Aghanistan

Got your first shipment. Simply incredible and thank you!
Will keep sending my business your way and will spread the word!!
Thanks again.

Jeff - California

Hi Christopher, thanks once again for a superb service and turnaround delivery, also a big thanks for the extra cigars in last consignment....when you mentioned extra cigars , i did not think 40 !!!, Just sorry I did not find your brilliant service before now. Thanks for all your efforts. Really satisfied customer, Kind Regards,

Cyril - Israel

Hey Again, SGot your first shipment. Simply incredible and thank you! Will keep sending my business your way and will spread the word!! Thanks again.

Jeff - California

Hello, Simply outstanding service to the UK again- received my cigars this morning. Many thanks for sending me some free cigars with my order too much appreciated! I look forward to placing another order in the near future.

A Sidell

Hi at ICE, Just to say congratulations on a super fast delivery to Ireland with USPS. Left US on 31/1/2013...in Cork Ireland today 5/2/2013. I will be placing further orders but i have a question. Thanks for a super service.


Hi, recently purchased a box of cigars. I was very happy with the product and the service. I cant wait to order again.

D Clancey, Canada

Just got it today... and i am very surprised what's in it thanks so much for the free samples! I am very happy with the your service. You are the best

Y Konsura, Korea

Hello Christopher!

I would like to thank you for a super fast & efficient service- I received my order to the UK this morning. I will place another order soon and your the best. Thanks

A Sidwell, United Kingdom

Christopher, Many thanks for my 2nd order from you. Excellent service and shipping is fast. I shall definitely order again. Highly recommended.

V Gatenby, UK

I just received package an hr ago. I'm very satisfied with your good services and quality products. Beside that, i received lighter in this shipment as well.

Thanks and will promote your website to my friends.:-)

R Lee, Malaysia

Hello, I got cigars, a pleasure to deal with you and I will be ordering again very soon. Many thanks.

Alex, Israel

I received my order today August 7th and I am extremely pleased with the customer service, packaging and very quick delivery. The personal service given is second to none and I will have no hesitation in buying again. Many thanks Christopher.

J Gatenby, UK

I am really happy and impressed with the the quick delivery and very professional service. Thanks for the free sample. Regards

J. Martin, France

Hi, Ive just received my order and i am very pleaseed with it, thank you very much for your good service. I will be buying again, thanks!

J Heslop, United Kingdom

Dear ICE , I want to say - thank you - for your brilliant delivery VIA Priority Mail , and also I am hoping for further cooperation in the same way . Thanks , thanks , thanks.

Latvia, U Stabulnieks

I would say that my order of tatiana has come to my home perfectly. Thank you for the effort made to reach me all the units and thank you for everything. I have no doubt that I'll get back with you for possible future orders.

I Lamor., Spain

Thanks for all you guys do! Your the very best! Best in customer service, price, delivery and knowledge. I will only order from your company. Thanks so much!

Scott B., China

Hi Mr Bledsoe,

I have received the cigars the box was in impeccable condition. I really appreciate the quality of your customer service and support. Cigars are great. I'll definitely add positive feedback on your site.

Thanks again.

Dominique, Canada

ICE provides very good quality in selling good cigar brands. I received my shipment in very good package. ICE cared about everything to ship my order safely. Also at ICE you'll get very good prices and offers, like no where on the web. I searched for decent cigar web shop for months and in the end I make my deals with ICE.

Bojan Niševic - Czech Republic

Just would like to inform that I have received the cigars in good condition. Thanks for all the coordination during order period. Good sites with prompt response and good service.


Hello Christopher,

I'm the one who should be thanking you for your excellent customer service and for your commitment with your customers.I enjoy my fresh smokes every day and every time. The NightCap cigars are really good. I can't smoke only one. I'm so glad and can't wait for the Tatiana Chocolate.

Thanks a lot.

Hi Christopher,

I'm expecting to receive my cigars tomorrow or the day after and when I do I'm going to send you a feed back. Thank you for your great customer service. 🙂

Mr. Filmban - Saudi Arabia

Hi Chris,

I received the package, I am pretty happy with the velocity of USPS and so will my friends. Aside from the fact we can't track it step by step, it is a good value for the price.

Thanks for all you do as always, keep up the great work

Mat - Canada

Dear ICE, though I don't have my shipment in hands I am already very relieved and happy by your support for me by any means. I am performing in different fields of business but rarely had this kind of feedback from the suppliers. I will take care of the shipment according to your info and when I get my package I will inform you about details. I am also looking forward to work with you.

Best regards and appreciations.

Mr. Oznel- Turkey

Good morning Chris,
I want to thank you for another successful delivery. I picked up the boxes Saturday, a colleague of mine signed for them last week while I was away from the office. I'm already planning my next purchase, I'll email you. Keep up the great service!!

Mat - Montreal, Canada

Christopher hi,
I cannot thank you enough, You are a great sales man. Good news is that A friend of mine will be visiting his mom in Maryland. I will be ordering 4 boxes from you this time. Once again I am so grateful to meet you and I hope to meet you in person someday. Thank you again my friend


Thank you so much for your generous understanding and phenomenal customer service. I am a customer for life!

Lorenzo - Australia

Thank you for all your help the cigars came about a week ago and they are all in good shape i look forward to getting more cigars off you in the future.

Cheers, Brett - Australia

Hi!!i have received the cigars today in perfect conditions.Thank u very much!!

Javier - Spain

I received my order in 4 days! Love the way you pack your orders, the cigars are really fresh.

John S - Africa

We we very cautious in choosing an American supplier, your customer service is top notch! We had all of our questions answered within 24 hours it is nice to know that each person is a priority with your company.

Luang T - China

Finally a cigar company that has a format for international orders on their website! Christopher was amazing and very knowledgable about shipping to Russia. I appreciate you going the extra mile and I received my order and the cigars were fresh just as you guaranteed!

Kulikowski - Russia

I was amazed how Sebastian monitored my order and contacted me before customs did to tell me that my order had arrived in my country. Now that is what I call good customer service!

Steven - France

Thanks Brad for your kindness and making me feel that no order is too small for international shipments.

Conrad - UK

Christopher you are the man! My cigars arrived fresh and thanks to you I knew they were at customs before they called me. Now that is what I call good customer service!

Stephan - Norway

I placed my first order with your company and really did not know how much customs and duties would be, I really appreciate you giving me a customs and duties estimate. Thank you for a detail description of what to do if I do not have a humidor.

Emilia - Turkey

I am amazed that I received my order via USPS in only 4 days! I am a customer for my life! No one can beat your shipping prices! Razmez


I had a really bad experience with another cigar company, but your company took care of all my needs and made sure that my order made it through customs! It cleared right away with no difficulties.

Wojteck - Russia

Your service is really great and I am happy to find experts at shipping international!

Kevin - Great Britain

Hi Christopher! Received my cigars and they are fresh just like you promised! Thanks for all the updates and tracking my order all the way to my doorsteps.

Cheers Australia

Thanks to your wonderful customer service my order went straight threw customs with no problems!

Jerad - England

Christopher your customer service cannot be matched, I really enjoyed our telephone conversation. The cigars arrived very quick and they are totally fresh!

Alexondrov - Qatar

Finally a cigar company that specializes in international orders! I tried you guys and you guys are great! Many more orders to come

Luka Bulgaria

Received my order today and thanks for the markings on my order. Went straight threw customs with no delays!

Sami - Sweden

Your customer service and cigars are top notch, thank you for tracking my order up to my door step.

Dallal - Slovenia

Christopher thank you for your great service, I received my order a lot sooner than expected. The packaging and cigars are great!

Sidhom Singapore

Ashley I referred you to my friend he will be placing an order with you very soon. Your service is amazing!

David - Tunisia

I can't believe there is finally a company that specializes in international shipping. My cigars arrived totally fresh and the packing was great! More orders to come!

Mr. Charu New Zealand

Just to let you know,I now have the cigars,which are excellent,and I am very pleased with the service provided

Regards,K Sealby

Christopher I just paid. You guys are awesome as usual. My friends loved the gifts that they received.

Best, Mehmet - Sweden