Why International Cigar Experts?

ICE will match any competitor's price!

ICE is happy to advise we have the most diverse range of cigars ever! We ship to more countries than any other online store in the world. We package our orders better than anyone else! Why? Well simply put, because you deserve it. Please note all orders placed with a specific delivery date are subject to expedited shipping cost and please refer to our “Shipping Guide” listed on this homepage for price options. We look forward to serving you!

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Shipping Guide


1. FIRST CLASS MAIL INTERNATIONAL (FCMI): (Formerly Airmail Letter-post & Economy


1. First Class Mail Intl: (1 lb) $4.66 (2 lbs) $8.26 (3 lbs) $11.86 (4 lbs) $15.46

2. Priority Mail Intl*: (1 lb) $16.00 (2 lbs) $17.30 (3 lbs) $18.16 (4 lbs) $19.90

3. Express Mail Intl*: (1 lb) $23.25 (2 lbs) $25.00 (3 lbs) $26.75 (4 lbs) $28.50

*Flat rate and on-line discounts available. Tracking included.

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